Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Blocks,
the awards that champions the best of blockchain.

The Blocks are designed to recognise outstanding strategy, application, and effectiveness of blockchain technologies.

Open to brands, ICO’s, technology providers, consultancies, strategists, developers and individual innovators,
the awards provide the opportunity to be recognised as a thought-leader in your respective industry.

Winners are celebrated at The Blocks ceremony, taking place at XXXXXXXXXXX on XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
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The awards are split into three groups:

Blockchain in industry

Recognising organisations that have demonstrated exceptional application of blockchain technologies in major industry verticals.
These focus on supply chain, finance and legal services, healthcare, entertainment, and social good.

Pioneers in Blockchain

Celebrating new-players in the blockchain space, from blockchain-based start-ups, to ICO success stories.

Standout blockchain achievement

Celebrating individuals and organisations that have made a major contribution to development of blockchain technologies.


Marcella Atzori

EU Blockchain Expert, Ifin Sistemi Advisor

European Parliment

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Alex Fedosseev

CEO and Founder

1World Online

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Alexander Kokhanovskyy

CEO & Founder


Associated Talks:

05:00PM - Day 1

View Panel: Blockchain for the music, gaming and entertainment industry

01:40PM - Day 1

View Keynote: Blockchain and smart contracts as a part of eSports and Gaming ecosystem

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Asheesh Birla

VP of Product


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Glenn Scott

Distinguished Engineer


Associated Talks:

10:10AM - Day 1

View Could Blockchain be the New BetaMax?

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Gregory Sherwood

Professional Fundraiser and Brand Strategist

Associated Talks:

02:40PM - Day 2

View Taking the Pain out of Blockchain

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Jai Dwivedi

Co-Founder and COO

Xcel Trip

Associated Talks:

05:10PM - Day 1

View Scalability of enterprise blockchain solutions

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Jules Urbach

CEO and Co-Founder


Associated Talks:

10:40AM - Day 1

View Panel: Building apps on the Ethereum Platform

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Mir Haque

Social Venture Capitalist & Founder

Aphaea Capital

Associated Talks:

04:10PM - Day 1

View Panel: What is the future of cryptocurrencies?

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Polina Aladina

Head of Engineering


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