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    Day 1


In the final session of the day – some of of the latest companies entering the Blockchain ecosystem will present their innovations across all sectors and answer your questions.

  • Introduction
  • Celsius: Celsius is a member organization which connect borrowers and lenders in the Cryptocurency space.
  • Neuromation: Distributed computing platform for deep learning application and synthetic data generation
  • Crowd Machine: Crowd Machine is a distributed computational network powering next generation blockchain and decentralized apps. It leverages the principles of strong federations in a trust-less environment to deliver interoperable blockchain apps on a network of peers. The network includes an embedded code-less app development capability that allows anyone to create decentralized apps at unprecedented speeds.
  • doGood: A platform that leverages lean-startup principles to facilitate problem solving and manage innovation using blockchain for both funder-funded oversight and to incentivize huge numbers of people and organizations to systematically break down complex problems
  • ARNA: Integrates blockchain and biotech in a synergetic combination. ARNA PANACEA blockchain will validate ARNA BC, proprietary breast cancer liquid biopsy diagnostics, through automated sample blinding and patient verification. Customers of the test will validate ARNA PANACEA for many other healthcare stakeholders to form the populated healthcare marketplace.

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