Babyghost offers glimpse of how blockchain can change the fashion industry

Independent fashion brand Babyghost has partnered with digital identity solution VeChain to give its 2017 products a ‘futuristic’ depth, helping to build a connection between its clients, technology, and fashion.


VeChain is part of blockchain as a service provider BitSE, whose COO Sunny Lu argues the importance of blockchain disrupting various industries outside of finance. “Blockchain has become a disruptive technology, but it is really difficult for most people to understand,” said Lu. “A lot of enterprises have been attracted to blockchain technology, and the real motivation for them is to develop the new products, features and services for their clients by embracing this technology.


“Our mission is to transform this sophisticated technology to a real-world commercial application and make it enjoyable for consumers,” Lu added. “That is VeChain, and that is what VeChain has done with Babyghost – bringing digital experiences to their consumers and enable them to build up a personalised connection with the products they own.”


Every product in the collection is embedded with a VeChain chip that communicates with a user’s phone which already has the VeChain app downloaded onto his/her device with NFC-enabled capabilities. VeChain also allows a user to scan items like a new cardigan, dress, shirt, etc. with the help of the app that will access all the information and history of the product.


Qiao Ran Huang and Joshua Robert Hupper, founders of Babyghost, said: “With an action as simple as what we’ve become so accustomed to doing when we add friends on WeChat, this technology needs only to be swiped in proximity to a garment and in an instant our customers can exchange what we thought of as the next generation of playing cards. Imagine that each garment now goes from being one of many to a one of a kind. It can literally speak to our fans similarly to the way that we love communicating with them via social media.”