Chronicled’s open registry pushes blockchain for consumer IoT a stage further

Meet Chronicled. The San-Francisco based technology provider has launched an Open Registry for the Internet of Things (IoT) based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, has expressed excitement about Chronicled using its blockchain. “Consumer IoT has always been one of the areas of blockchain adoption that I have been most bullish about, and I am excited to see Chronicled’s efforts in pushing IoT authentication use cases a step further,” he said.

The open registry establishes a secure, interoperable digital identity and offers opportunities for proximity-based consumer engagement. The project is open-sourced under the Apache licence.

Ryan Orr, CEO of Chronicled, said: “Chip companies, physical IP creators, and brands can now register and verify their BLE and NFC chips on a public blockchain. These tamperproof chips can be ordered today and are already being deployed in consumer goods.”

The Chronicled website is offering start kits, software developer kits and an Open Registry Explorer. These kits and tools will enable developers to register chips on the blockchain, associate chips with physical products and create smartphone apps with scanning and authentication functionalities.

Johann Barbie, CTO of Ambisafe, said: “The Open Registry for IoT shows how blockchain and consumer IoT are converging, and we are proud to be working with Chronicled on the Ethereum implementation. This could become one of the largest non-monetary use cases of blockchain developed to date.  Billions of IoT chips will be shipped over the next five years.”

Interoperability is a key challenge that has pushed back growth in the consumer IoT market. Brands currently put IoT chip registrations in private databases, creating virtual silos of information that cannot operate with any other network. This interoperable open registry could be a key building block in the larger IoT ecosystem.

You can find out more about Chronicled here.