Alex Fedosseev is serial entrepreneur, high-tech executive and inventor, passionate about open information systems & their impact on our society. Received Masters degree in Computer Science from Moscow State University with focus on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Was almost done with PhD but preferred to start his own tech startup (Soft-Pro) right after the USSR collapse in 1992 as a 25 years old CEO. Made it successful, then moved to California in 1996 and worked in cutting edge technology startups in areas of Broadband, Connected Home, Remote Management systems. 3 successful exits in the US: 2Wire (2006) – PM Director, 4Home (2010) – VP Product, Motorola Mobility (2011) – PM Director. Participated in Broadband Forum (BBF) a Global Standards organization, as a contributor, then as an Ambassador, and co-authored some of standards and white papers. Considers 1World Online the main project of his career with a mission statement to learn what people really think on wide variety of matters, give them informed choices via high engagement and deep view of the topic via data collection over innovative 1World platform deployment around the world. Actively helps other startups and advises venture funds in Silicon Valley.