Fintech revenues derived from supporting insurance industry likely to reach nearly $235 billion globally by 2021

  A new market report from Juniper Research predicts that fintech platform revenues derived from supporting the insurance industry

Why the auto industry should embrace Blockchain

Technical innovations happen constantly in small and big ways across our modern society, but relatively few breakthroughs ever have

How blockchain and virtual reality can make for surprisingly natural bedfellows

  If you take a look at Gartner’s most recent hype cycle for emerging technologies, blockchain sits astride the

Hyperledger blockchain project reaches 100 member milestone

    The Hyperledger Project, a blockchain-based collaboration, has announced it has reached the milestone of 100 active members,

IBM and Mahindra aim to reinvent supply chain finance through new blockchain solution

      A new blockchain solution has been developed by IBM and India-based Mahindra Group that is capable

Are Telecoms applications of blockchain technology ripe for innovation?

Telecoms providers continue to be kept on their toes by the emergence of new technologies, from cloud to IoT.

Blockchain Conference: Blockchain Expo announces first Conference Speakers

Blockchain Conference: Blockchain Expo announces first Conference Speakers from; Commerzbank, RBS, nPower, Credit Suisse, Disney, HSBC and Innovate UK

Walmart looking at blockchain to improve food safety

  US retail giant Walmart is looking at blockchain technologies to help create a more efficient method of food

Blockchain and Coinify join hands to offer seamless Bitcoin wallet funding service

  Coinify, a blockchain payment and trading service provider, has announced a partnership with Blockchain to elimited the need

Babyghost offers glimpse of how blockchain can change the fashion industry

Independent fashion brand Babyghost has partnered with digital identity solution VeChain to give its 2017 products a ‘futuristic’ depth,

Medici Ventures invests in SettleMint with aim to disrupt voting through blockchain

Medici Ventures, a blockchain-based subsidiary of online retailer, has announced it is adding Belgium-based SettleMint to its portfolio

Chronicled’s open registry pushes blockchain for consumer IoT a stage further

Meet Chronicled. The San-Francisco based technology provider has launched an Open Registry for the Internet of Things (IoT) based

Blockchain named by PwC and Gartner as disruptive 2017 technology

A report from Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) has named blockchain as a ‘tech breakthrough megatrend’ for CIOs, while Gartner has

MasterCard launches blockchain APIs for developers

Financial service giant MasterCard has launched three blockchain APIs on its developer portal in a bid to keep up

Jonathan Reichental, Palo Alto CIO: On changing CIO roles and building smarter cities

According to a recent research study from IDC, 40% of CIOs view themselves predominantly as ‘custodians of operational infrastructure’,